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Part-time Jobs

FAQ - Jobbers

Part-Time Jobs are jobs that last longer than just a couple of days. You are engaged directly with the Hirers and are free to negotiate your terms and working requirements with them. They are jobs that don't fall into the Ad Hoc Jobs framework, and payment will be made by the Hirers directly.

Register for an account, complete your personal profile and start applying for jobs!

Be as detailed as possible when completing your profile, as this will help the Hirers to know you better. Be sure to highlight the important acheivements you have made to impress the Hirers.

Below are the important information to include:

1. Education Level

2. Work Experience

3. Skills

4. Contact Details


We provide a page for you to fill out all these important information and automatically generate a resume for you.

You can start looking jobs that are available and apply. You may also wish to view your auto-generated resume.

You may apply for as many part-time jobs as you like.

Your profile will be shared with the Hirers. They will then select Jobbers who they feel are the best fit for the job. They may contact you for further questions or even for an interview.

The Hirer will contact you personally if you are selected; so do ensure that your contact information is correct in your profile.

The SimpleJobs Admin may suspend your account. Any other pending or confirmed jobs may also be cancelled.

There are no penalties if Hirer has not accepted your application.

  • If Hirer selected you, but the job has not started: deduct 5% off your reliability score.
  • If Hirer selected you, and the job started: deduct 10% off your reliability score.

Deduct 5% off your reliability score for each day you are late.

The Hirer will pay you directly based on the mode of payment agreed or stated by the Hirer.

The score assigned to you to determine how reliable you are as a Jobber.

FAQ - Hirers

Part-Time Jobs are jobs that are usually lasting longer than a couple of days. We built this feature to help you gather Jobbers who you may wish to engage directly and have work requirements that may not fall within our Ad Hoc Jobs framework.

You will need to sign up for an account and provide information about you and your company. Your sign-up will be subjected to evaluation by SimpleJobs. You can then start posting on SimpleJobs upon account approval.

Details that we suggest you to add on your post are:

1. Job location

2. Job Scopes

3. Working Hours

4. Working Period

5. Numbers of Jobbers required

6. Hourly pay rate

You can login to SimpleJobs to check on the status any time after the job has been posted.

Contact information in including in their resumes. You may contact the Jobbers directly.

It is currently free to post on SimpleJobs!

The recommended minimum period that you need to engage a Jobber is 1 month, but this is up to your negotiation with the Jobber.

If you wish to extend the job engagement duration, you can check with the Jobber if he/she is available for the extension period.

This is up to your agreement with the Jobber. Please do specify the work expectations clearly before engaging them.

You may close the job posting by visiting your job post to close the job.

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