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Ad Hoc Jobs

Ad hoc jobs are event or task-based work that has clear-cut duties, requiring no more than 5 days of commitmentSimpleJobs facilitates the end-to-end hiring process through our reliable and safe platform.

We offer the following types of ad hoc jobs

Admin Assistant

Event Staff

Flyer/Sample Distributor



Stock Taker


How does ad hoc job work?

Flexible work options

Choose when, where and how much you work with bite-sized jobs.

Take on a variety of roles across multiple companies and industries.

Create multiple streams of income rather than relying on income from a single employer.

Get recognised for your skills

Build your reputation and credibility to gain more opportunities.

Take up different types of work to expand your skills.

Boost your specialised skills or uncover new specialised skills as you work.

Reliable and safe platform

We ensure that the Hirer is reliable and the working conditions are reasonable and safe.

Hirers commit your salary and we keep it safe for the work you do – so you can get started on completing jobs knowing that payment is secured.

With protected payment, you get paid on time, every time. Payment is transferred to you upon job completion.

How do I start earning?


Come on board

Register as a Jobber, complete a short questionnaire


Browse and apply

Find something that fits your schedule



Deliver your best and support your Hirer with professionalism


Earn and get recognised

Get paid and build your credibility from the hard work

Pricing for ad hoc jobs

All fees get reinvested straight into the business so that there are more and more jobs to be worked on and so that we can continue to improve the customer experience for Jobbers and Hirers.

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Part-time job

Part-time jobs are recurring jobs with a longer contractual period. The job scope may or may not evolve over time, depending on the company’s needs. SimpleJobs provides a platform for Jobbers to browse for more opportunities where alternative hiring arrangements can be made.

How does it work?


Come on board

Register as a Jobber


Create your resume

Fill out your most valuable skills and experiences, and the resume will be auto-generated for you


Browse and apply

Find and apply part-time jobs based on your interest


Wait for good news

Interested Hirers will contact you separately on the job opportunity

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