Our Company - SimpleJobs Our Company - SimpleJobs

Who we are

SimpleJobs provides a one-stop management platform and market place for the gig economy.

What’s great?

Enable Jobbers to access more job and learning opportunities, where they can make an income.

Help Hirers reach out to a greater and pre-screened pool of individuals at 10 times the speed it takes today.

A system that automate work processes to save time, avoid mistakes and provide bite-sized jobs.

Our beliefs

We believe that if jobs are easily accessible, more people would take them on

If jobs are broken down into bite-sized components, there can be more job opportunities and ease of finding the support you need.  

There’s larger pool of reliable contact outside your own that could serve your needs, but it is beyond your job offering at the moment – what if we can make this pool yours?

Our people

Supported by

Incubation Programme

SimpleJobs is one of the startups that is currently incubating at the Temasek Launchpad.

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