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Redefine how you hire casual labour

Reach out to a greater and pre-screened pool of individuals at 10 times the speed it takes today with SimpleJobs.

Ad Hoc Jobs

Ad hoc jobs are event or task-based work that has clear-cut duties requiring no more than 5 days of commitment. SimpleJobs provides a one-stop management platform to facilitate the end-to-end engagement process of ad hoc jobs. 

We offer the following types of ad hoc jobs

Admin Assistant

Event Staff

Flyer/Sample Distributor



Stock Taker


How does ad hoc jobs work?

Matching the skills to your needs

Select the Jobbers who have the relevant skills and credibilities. 

Determine which Jobbers are fit for the job.

Save your favourite Jobbers to book again and again.

Reliable and quick hire

SimpleJobs does basic verification of Jobbers during the onboarding process. 

We maintain trust throughout the entire customer lifecycle with transparent review system and robust feedback mechanism.

Manage attendance and payroll

When Jobbers show up for their assigned work, your on-ground supervisor can clock them in using the in-app attendance system. 

There is also the the option for Jobbers to take attendance themselves.

Pricing for ad hoc jobs

All fees get reinvested straight into the business so that there are more and more jobs to be worked on and so that we can continue to improve the customer experience for Jobbers and Hirers.

Part-time Jobs

Part-time jobs are recurring job with a longer contractual period. The job scope may or may not evolve over time, depending on the company’s needs. SimpleJobs offers Hirers a platform to tap onto our pool of candidates.

How does it work?


Come on board

Create a Hirer account


Post a job

Enter the details about your company and job opening


Shortlist Jobbers

Download the resume of Jobbers who fit your requirement


Found a match?

Contact the Jobber 

Contact Us

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